Organic Green Cardamom

Organic Green Cardamom

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Green Cardamom Elletaria cardamomi also known as the Queen of spices is sustainably cultivated in the shade of rain forest trees at Mojo Plantation where agriculture has been integrated into the forest ecosystem. The pods are hand-picked, farm-processed, and used for their special flavour. It aids in digestion and as a diuretic, counteracts nausea, relieves headaches and is used in aromatherapy. 

Full Ingredients: Organic Cardamom Pods.

How to use: Crush pods and use for flavouring milk, desserts, masala teas, pulaos, and other Indian cuisine.

Best Before: Six months after opening.

Note: Mojo Plantation is situated 10km from the nearest town, Madikeri, in Karnataka. Products are shipped once a week on Fridays.