Organic Dry Mango Powder
Organic Dry Mango Powder

Organic Dry Mango Powder

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Dry mango powder also known as Amchoor is made from dried unripe green mangoes ground into powder. The tangy taste of this dry mango powder works as a great substitute for lemon and is particularly useful when mangoes are not in season. It is very popular in India and in asian cuisine. 

Mango powder encapsulates the essence and goodness of real mangoes like no other. It is full of powerful antioxidants and improves the digestive system. It offers a very high nutritional value containing antioxidants & vitamin A, E and C.

Full Ingredients: Organic Dry Mango Powder.

How to use: Due to its fruity flavour, Amchoor powder is best used as a souring agent in dishes. It compliments green vegetables such as okra, potatoes, stews, soups and chutneys, chats & salads.

Best Before: 18 months from manufacture date.