Organic Nigella Seeds
Organic Nigella Seeds

Organic Nigella Seeds

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An indispensable herb for pickles and stir fried vegetables, nigella seeds or black seeds are native to the Middle East. These seeds have an oregano like quality with herbaceous notes, a slight bitterness and a warm toasted onion flavour.

One of the greatest healing herbs of all times, nigella seeds are also referred to as Seed of Blessing. They are known to boost your health by restoring the balance and harmony of your body.

Full Ingredients: Organic Nigella Seeds also known as Kalonji.

How to use: Nigella seeds are most commonly used for tempering dishes along with jeera or saunf. It goes well with different kinds of curries, dals and even rice. You can either dry roast kalonji or temper in cooking oil right before you add it to any recipe. Nigella seeds, when mixed with sweet lime juice, can help remove acne and blemishes from your face and also cure the cracks in your feet.

Best Before: 18 months from manufacture date.