Organic Black Sticky Rice

Organic Black Sticky Rice

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Pahari Roots Black Sticky Rice comes from the beautiful Hills of Meghalaya. Black Sticky Rice, in Meghalaya, has an uneven black coloured bran layer that gives it the extravagant or exotic look alongside the nutrient rich nutty flavour.

Since this rice is un-milled, it is far more nutritious than the commonly available milled rice where the bran layer is completely removed. The farmers growing Black Sticky Rice have been practicing traditional farming methods which have been passed down for generations and is free from any chemical based fertilizers and pesticides. 

Black glutinous rice is categorised, by modern researchers, as a superfood – a food that contains a wealth of solid nutrients that can benefit the body.

The bran layer of Black Sticky Rice is said to have a high anti-oxidant level and is also believed to help protect heart health, improve digestive health and detoxify the body.

Full Ingredients: Organic Black Sticky Rice.

How to use: Steam or simmer like any common rice and enjoy it as a staple. You can use this rice to make Buddha Bowls.

Best Before: 12 months from manufacture date.