Black Pepper

Black Pepper

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Black Pepper Piper Nigrum also known as the King of Spices is hand-picked from vines which grow on native jungle trees. After harvest the crop is dipped in boiling water to improve shelf life. It is then sun-dried, graded and packaged on the farm. Pepper is known, in Ayurveda, to enhance the immune system, aid in digestion, relieve sore throats, have anti-oxidant properties, enhance general metabolism and is an intrinsic part of all Indian and continental cuisine. 

Full Ingredients: Pure peppercorns

How to use: Pepper can be used whole or ground as a seasoning.

Best Before: Six months after opening.

Note: Mojo Plantation is situated 10km from the nearest town, Madikeri, in Karnataka. Products are shipped once a week on Fridays.