Free Range Eggs
Free Range Eggs

Free Range Eggs

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H3 Free Range Eggs takes great care in fostering a happy environment for their hens. Our eggs contain more Vitamins A, D & E and less cholesterol.

  • Hens enjoy over 100 square feet of personal space.
  • Hens graze under Mango, Chikoo, Tamarind, Guava and Indian Gooseberry trees throughout the day. 
  • Hens have total freedom to express natural behaviour and debeaking of hens is not permitted.
  • Hens have night shelters made of bamboo & drink UV treated water. There is also a solar plant for uninterrupted feed supply to the hens.
  • Chemical free feed provided to our hens in clean containers.
  • Uniquely designed nesting boxes for egg collection.
  • Hens belong to the indigenous breed sourced from CPDO, Western Region.

Best Before: 18 days from egg laying.

Note: Delivery in Mumbai & Thane only.