Crystal and Probiotic Ring Bracelet
Crystal and Probiotic Ring Bracelet
Crystal and Probiotic Ring Bracelet

Crystal and Probiotic Ring Bracelet

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Free Size, Unisex, 30g

Immunity Boosting Bracelet.

Full Materials:

Sodalite: Brings calmness to the mind, emotional balance, balances metabolism, cools fevers. It enhances self esteem, self acceptance, and self trust.

Black Agate: Relieves anxiety and provides protection during hard times. It is grounding, balancing and removes negative energy. Gives inner strength to move on in stressful surroundings.

Lapis Lazuli: Helps overcome depression.  

Moss Agate: Recovery from illness, cleanses the circulatory and elimination system. Treats infections like colds, coughs, fevers and flu.

Probiotic Ceramic Rings: Restructures body fluids, increases blood circulation and vitality, reduces muscular and rheumatic pain, boosts and strengthens the immune system & provides an overall sense of well being.

How to use: Continuous wear for 40 days without removing while bathing and sleeping for best results.

Care: Wash with mild soap & water as needed.

Note: This bracelet is an aid to well being and does not substitute professional medical advice or treatment.