Organic Kombucha Juicy Blue 4 Pack

Organic Kombucha Juicy Blue 4 Pack

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275ml x 4

Rise Up is a big, bold kombucha! We are authentically brewed - mixing our ten years of brewing experience with top-notch organic ingredients and zero-waste business practices to produce a fizzy, raw probiotic beverage that takes you from your morning health elixir to your evening cocktails. We're proud to be brewed in the beautiful hill station of Panchgani, where the cool year-round temperature allows our kombucha to ferment for a lengthy three weeks. The longer the brew cycle, the more beneficial bacteria and organic acids in the bottle, making Rise Up the healthiest on the market.

Full Ingredients: JUICY BLUE - Organic Black & Green Tea, Water, Organic Sugar and Living Kombucha Culture & Pure Blueberry Puree.

How to use: Drinking kombucha consistently builds up good bacteria in your gut - aiding efficient digestion, increasing immunity and diversifying your micro-biome. While kombucha is brewed with sugar & caffeine, both are largely consumed during the fermentation process, leaving the end result low in sugar and virtually caffeine free. Drink it cold or at room temperature and do not dilute – drink it just as it is! Enjoy!

Best Before: 3 months from manufacture date.

Note: Delivery in Mumbai only. Please refrigerate after receiving your delivery and allow your kombucha to settle for a few hours before opening. Keep refrigerated.